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Sports – Dance – Events

We offer 3 programs to maximize your profitability . . .

You Do All The Ordering and Packaging
  • Order using our ROES Sports Dance Events Program
  • Orders are returned with prints stacked. 
  • Each print larger than wallet size, are backprinted for easy identification.
  • Add on products are packaged separately.
You Do All The Ordering We Package
  • Here you save on time and overhead by having us package your orders.
  • Order using our ROES Sports Dance Events
  • Each individual is returned packaged separately in a 9×12 envelope.  Including small Add-On products.
You Shoot and Send Us The Order Forms. We Do The Rest.
  • Increase your volume without adding back office staff.
  • You save with this option by using our staff to process, package and organize your orders.  Thus giving you time to market, sell, shoot and most importantly make more money!
  • 2 Ways to order –
      1.  Paper Forms –  send us your forms and we create a database.
        2.   Have your customers Pre-Order using our Pre Order On Line Software.
      • We return your orders, individually packaged in 9×12 envelopes with a separate card showing each individual’s image, their name, and what is contained in the order.
      • Teams are packaged together ready to hand to the coordinator or coach.

Here's more options for you to explore . . . .

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