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Studio Corrected - As Is Prints
   You Correct Your Own Images Before You Send Them To Us
We will make up to 5 prints every month at no charge for you to test your calibration. Our Evaluation Print size can be found under the "Evaluation Print" tab in our As Is Prints ordering software..
To be successful with this service you need to have a complete understanding of color correction and calibration.
Also understand that there are limitations in any system. Recognizing those limitations will go a long way toward insuring success when using this service.
Be aware that there are colors and contrasts contained in a final print that will not be accurately displayed on your monitor no matter how high quality the monitor.
When you are comparing your printed image to a monitor the printed image is being viewed with reflective light (front lit) and the image displayed on your monitor is being viewed with transmitted light (light coming through the image). Certain colors will appear much more brilliant with transmitted light
Here are the steps we recommend:
1. Your files need to be in either sRGB or Adobe 98 working colorspace.
2. Your monitor needs to be calibrated and profiled using a hardware monitor calibration device.
3. Set your monitor whitepoint to 6500K and gamma to 2.2.
Remember, you can achieve a very close match on any one given image but not all images will be displayed perfectly.

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